Senior Staff Lab Test Automation Engineer (20-00122) – IL – Rolling Meadows

Job Description:
The contractor will develop software for automating the lab testing of RF ICs.
Minimum Requirements:
Associates or Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
Strong programming skills in Visual Basic.
Familiarity with lab test equipment, including RF instruments (signal generators, spectrum analyzers, etc.).
Experience in setting up and running RF tests and analyzing test data.
Experience in developing software for automation of DUT control, instrument control, data capture, and data post-processing in lab testing of RF ICs.
Preferred Requirements:
Experience in developing MATLAB code for lab test automation.
Ability to perform basic receiver and transmitter measurements (such as gain, noise figure, compression point, input IP3, filter selectivity, output power, IM3 suppression, and phase noise) with minimal guidance, and more complex measurements (such as EVM and optimization of register settings for DC offset cancellation, input IP2, image rejection, and carrier rejection) with moderate guidance.
Ability to derive required equipment configuration and detailed measurement procedures for tests from standard engineering documents (such as data sheet, programming guide, and test specification), with minimal guidance for basic tests and moderate guidance for more complex tests, to recognize invalid test results and resolve underlying issues with test set-up, to proactively drive improvements in test accuracy, test time, and resource utilization, and to convert raw test data to formats suitable for review.
Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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