Senior Manager of Statistical Programming (Health Outcomes, Value Assessment) (19-00795) – NJ – Parsippany

The Senior Manager Statistical Programming (Health Outcomes, Value Assessment and Analytics, HOVAA) will provide leadership in managing real world evidence (RWE), market and business research studies and analysis of clinical trial studies, and as needed, provide expert-level hands-on support to programmers. The senior manager may also guide the professional development of statistical programmers. The position requires a broad, comprehensive and detailed understanding of health informatics, health economics and outcomes, business and market research, clinical trials, statistical programming languages, industry best practices, real world data (RWD) and clinical trial data, business and market data. The individual in this position is an expert in SAS and SQL programming languages and is responsible for managing, training and mentoring statistical programmers. The manager will plan programming and programming related projects including, but not limited to, RWD databases, clinical trial data, figures for real world evidence (RWE) and clinical trial studies, posters and publications. This individual is also responsible for the design, development, programming and maintenance of SAS macro code and input into the SAS / SQL programming environment and processes.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Manage analytical components of health-related RWE, business, and market research projects, and perform related administrative tasks.
2. Manage analytical components of clinical trial projects, with a focus on analysis of secondary endpoints and PRO’s.
3. Develop programming and statistical analysis plans for data and statistical outputs to support studies, abstracts, posters and publications with resource needs and timelines.
4. Independently create SAS / SQL programs for data / statistical outputs.
5. Perform quality control on analytical outputs created internally or by vendors.
6. Design and support the development of SAS macro code.
7. Provide input into development of the SAS / SQL programming environment.
8. Contribute to the development and maintenance of the SAS / SQL environment.
9. Demonstrate strong knowledge of RWE databases (healthcare claims, charge data master, Medicare, EMR) and clinical trial data.
10. Provide support in managing statistical programming performed by vendors.
11. Provide reports to Senior Director (HOVAA) on status of statistical programs and outputs.
12. Manage programming resources and timelines and alert Senior Director (HOVAA) to potential issues and delays.

· Demonstrated resource management skills
· Proven project management skills
· Proven advanced programming ability in SAS / SQL including
· Proven advanced programming ability using a RDBMS (e.g., SQL Server, Oracle, or similar)
· Demonstrated skills in programming statistical analyses
· Knowledge of other statistical, SQL and analytical applications is a plus

Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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