Senior Engineer (JL=16) (724773) (19-00346) – CA – Santa Clara

We are looking for Data Engineers to join our growing team of NFVCC core network data engine project. As a team member, you will be working and optimizing data pipeline, as well as, optimizing data flow and collections. The Data Engineer will have to research, develop and maintain tools used to architect, create, debug, analyze and maintain a network operation knowledge graph. The right candidate must be an expert on knowledge graph integration, and consistency.
Experience in creating and maintaining knowledge graph data structures
Experience in semantic consistency checking
Ability to manipulate and analyze large scale, high-dimensionality data
Ability and experience in data integration
Experience with a relevant database management system
Ability to search for datasets and to integrate them in a coherent and consistent structure
Java, and/or Python experience
SQL, SPARQL or other graph database querying language experience
Degree (B.S/ M.S./Phd) preferably in statistics, computer science, computer engineering
3+ years of experience in creating and maintaining knowledge graph
Must be excited about demonstrate new algorithms in a fast and changing environment where solutions have not been already defined
Experience with machine learning
Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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