SAP Master Data Analyst (19-00657) – NC – Raleigh

Job Summary

The Master Data Analyst/Inventory Planner is responsible for the creation, maintenance and integrity of all Material Master Data (Material Master, Resources, Bills of Material and Recipes) in the SAP system utilized by Client’s North American plants in Raleigh, Baltimore, Exton, and Canada. This position is also responsible for Production Planning activities in support of all commercial and clinical products managed by the Raleigh based Supply Managers.

The Client supply chain is increasing in complexity with the addition of scheduled drugs, manufacturing alliances & partnerships, serialization and product launches. The virtual nature of the Raleigh office supports products manufactured at numerous locations throughout the world – both within the Client Network and at various CMOs. The SAP system and planning activities lie at the center of managing these complexities. SAP Material Master Data is the core foundation on which these transactions are executed and is a crucial element for many business functions including purchasing, clinical and commercial manufacturing, production receipts, invoicing and shipments to customers.

This position requires a highly experienced individual who has strong knowledge of SAP Material Master Data functionality, its impact within other SAP modules, as well as the impact to multiple functional areas within the organization. This position is the Subject Matter Expert on SAP master data and can serve autonomously on project teams to provide input and direction where needed. The Master Data Analyst/Planner will work with cross-functional teams across multiple locations (domestically and globally) to offer viable suggestions of available options or suggest new processes to accomplish the goals of the team. An understanding of the Pharmaceutical industry and the organization’s goals and objectives is also a key requirement in order to support these various projects.

The Master Data Analyst/Planner authors controlled documents (SOPs, WIDs and Forms) for all required processes and procedures required for master data gathering, entering and verification of data, and data integrity in support of regulatory requirements. These processes and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, as well as any time a communication, regarding a new regulation, is received from Regulatory Affairs.

This position will create and deliver SAP training for all departments involved with master data gathering and integrity. This training will assist end users with what is required from their departments to complete master data set up and provide a lean, streamlined process.

This position also provides a troubleshooting capacity for SAP master data users and issues. This involves knowing which settings within the various master data fields can negatively affect other areas within SAP and correcting the issue or working in conjunction with the SAP System Analysts for a solution. The position will initiate the request to the systems analysts, will define the issue and answer questions as needed and make changes until the issue is resolved.

The SAP Master Data Analyst/Inventory Planner is a key support for the Supply Management and Finance teams at the Client Raleigh office. This position is responsible for maintaining costing BOM in support of the annual budgeting and costing process at the Raleigh and Baltimore site. This includes the maintenance of batch size, yield, material usage and overhead rates.

This position will also function as the key production-scheduling liaison between our 3rd party CMOs and Client Network production sites worldwide. In relation to all manufactured products, this position creates, manages and executes all process and purchase orders to ensure 100% product availability to our customers and patients.

This position performs month-end inventory reconciliations for finished goods, bulk tablets, and active ingredients to ensure we have timely and accurate recordings of inventory activity and movement within the SAP system. This individual will also review all inventory approaching expiry on a monthly basis and recommend strategies for utilizing or destroying these product. These transactions have a direct impact on our financial results each month. Additionally they will be responsible for distributing weekly sales summary reports for each of their respective brands.

This individual will be responsible for creating the Supply related master data for each of their respective products. This information is key to ensure SAP functions properly and allows effective management of inventory levels by the Supply Managers.

Essential Functions

1. Serve as SAP master data liaison and subject matter expert to assigned project teams in support of new domestic and global product launches, technical transfers and products impacted by partnerships and/or alliances. Responsible for creating all new NDC numbers and GTIN numbers and to stay off the critical path for these important initiatives. Delays could have an impact on revenue recognition and patient access.
2. Serve as Master Data Process Champion across all 4 North American sites. Cross-functional departmental interaction with personnel in all Canadian and US sites for accurate and timely set up. Diversity of products and processes requires the ability to analyze and troubleshoot on a weekly basis. Data integrity and compliant documentation is required to support GxP regulations and guidelines.
3. Authors and maintains policies and procedures to ensure uniform, accurate and consistent data in support of regulatory audit requirements. Development of the SOPs, WIDs and Forms requires a detailed understanding of not only SAP Master Data, but also requires a good working knowledge of Planning, Purchasing, Costing, Quality and Distribution.
4. Interfaces with Regulatory Affairs to provide data requested for FDA Annual Reports and other periodic requests.
5. Creates, maintains and delivers SAP end user training.
6. Creates and issues Process and Purchase orders to 3rd Party Contractors and Client Network sites to ensure adequate inventory levels for all products (both US and globally). Communicates and coordinates the receipt of API, WIP and Finished Goods materials for the Raleigh site in a timely manner in order to abide by financial guidelines.
7. Reviews actual production records and issues materials to appropriate Process Orders. This process allows traceability of materials within the SAP system and generates the production related financial transactions.
8. Reviews and reconciles month end inventory for each product to ensure accurate financial reporting. Prepares and distributed weekly Sales Summary reports for each respective brand.
9. Initiates and completes the supply related information on Non-GxP, GxP and Service Material Master Data forms. Coordinate this activity with Supply Managers to ensure accurate and timely data.

• 6+ years SAP data management experience required; or Bachelor’s Degree plus 3-4 years of experience
• Expert knowledge of SAP master data and how it affects all major functional areas. Experience in a global pharmaceutical supply chain environment preferred.
• Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot common issues that occur in SAP Master Data and evaluate impact to associated modules
• Experience in regulated industry required; pharmaceutical industry experience preferred
• MS Access or Database Experience strongly desired
• Understanding of FDA 21 CFR compliance requirements for National Drug Codes and electronic documentation
• Ability to work effectively in a team-based environment with multiple functional groups
• Ability to manage multiple incoming priorities effectively with understanding of customer needs, in a timely and accurate manner
• Must be able to create and refine work processes in a changing business environment, evaluate effectiveness and modify as necessary
• Capacity to work autonomously on multiple initiatives in a lean environment
• Detailed understanding of production planning, inventory planning and manufacturing
• Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.
• Highly developed interpersonal skills are required in order to effectively deal with all levels of internal personnel, as well as outside third-party contractors and strategic alliance partners
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