Research Associate I (19-00339) – MA – Cambridge

Work independently in supporting senior group scientists on their projects. Design, plan, and perform experiments in order to test hypotheses and advance understanding of fundamental scientific principles. Interpret and report results. In detail, perform basic physchem characterization of new molecular entities, such as use of analytical techniques to confirm physical form, measurement of solubility and evaluation of chemical and physical stability.
Develop formulations to support in vivo Carry out basic laboratory housekeeping activities such as preparation of buffers and mobile phases.
With minimal oversight from lead project scientist, design and perform scientific experiments.
Interpret results, evaluate data, draw relevant conclusions and write reports.
Report and present results internally.
Utilize complex laboratory tools and equipment.
Maintain infrastructure, equipment and required investments.
Proactively communicate key issues and any other critical topics in a timely manner to the appropriate management level and/or to any other relevant project team members.
Work according to appropriate SOP’s, HSE  guidelines.

Proficient in English (oral and written)
1. Knowledge of laboratory and technical tools, such as thermal techniques, X-Ray powder diffraction and particle size analysis.
2. Proficient in utilization of special tools and equipment, lab automation tools and specialized facilities e.g., containment and sterile labs, and analytical tools such as LC-MS, etc.
3. Good knowledge of software and computer tools.
4. Very good communication skills. Good presentation skills and scientific/technical writing skills.

Minimum: BS or working towards BS with any amount of experience working in a laboratory setting. Desired: MS with at least 1 year of laboratory experience
Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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