Laboratory Technician I : Cell Culture Development (19-00975) – MA – Framingham

Major responsibilities include routing sampling of cell culture experiments at various scales from shake flasks to bench-top bioreactors, setting up and taking down bioreactors before and after experiments, daily bioreactor sampling and data entry. This individual will also be part of the lab rotation in executing some routine lab activities. These activities include stocking, organizing, and inventory of disposal supplies. This individual will assists with preparation of small batch quantities (<10L) media and buffer solutions as needed. Clean and organize laboratories, common equipment, lab areas, and other parts of the building as needed.  Prepare documents (SOPs, batch records, lab notebooks)  and support archrival of documentation as needed.  This individual works and communicates well with a team, particularly if they need further clarification in order to proceed with a job task. This individual is familiar with sterile technique, good laboratory and notebook practices. This employee must be willing to learn new laboratory techniques. May involve work with hazardous materials. On the job training will be provided.
Depending on performance, responsibilities may expand to include activities such as performing research independently or execution of experiments for cell culture process development.
A general knowledge of laboratory procedures, equipment, terminology, and documentation. This individual is expected to be able to perform standard algebraic calculations for lab work such as serial dilutions and concentration calculations for solutions. Having a basic understanding of dimensional analysis is a plus. Should be able handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Able to carry out tasks according to verbal and written instructions. Demonstrated interpersonal skills and effective communication skills required.  Demonstrated ability to operate and care for laboratory equipment. Requires physical demands of lifting up to 30-35 pounds.

Minimum Degree Required: Associate's Degree (Community College, MBO)

Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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