Laboratory Assistant (19-00854) – AZ – Tucson

Maintains laboratory instruments and equipment on a daily, monthly, and quarterly basis. Prepares reagents and monitors
instruments for bulk reagent levels. Orders and stocks office and laboratory supplies and equipment. Performs onsite servicing and
technical support of various lab equipment including Benchmark autostainers. Manages incoming/outgoing stained slide and/or
reagent shipments. May support several different functional lab spaces and groups.
Performs daily, monthly and quarterly instrument and equipment maintenance and cleaning tasks.
Monitors and maintains usage logs for all equipment and instruments. Monitors, schedules and delivers portable equipment
for calibration and maintains necessary paperwork.
Troubleshoots minor equipment malfunctions by performing operational tests.
Monitors and prepares bulk reagents daily.
Maintains stock room and monitors and/or orders lab supplies inventory.
Schedules internal equipment repairs and preventative maintenance as necessary.
Prepares and schedules incoming and outgoing stained slide and/or reagent shipments.
Other duties as assigned by management.

Will position work with chemicals? If yes, what room(s)? -Yes, but primarily Client advanced staining bulk reagents in 2075/ 2079 (non-hazardous). Position may be required to change xylene/ alcohols in coverslipping instruments, but training and PPE will be provided.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Required):
Able to work independently.
Strong communications skills, verbal and written.
Attention to detail in written instructions and documentation.
Basic computer skills in Word, Excel and Outlook.
Ability to lift up to 45 pounds.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Preferred):
Ability to use hand tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, nut-drivers and various other hand tools.
Ability to use test equipment such as flow meters, pH meters, precision weight scales, and pressure
Knowledge of and skill in inventory management.
Manager's Must Haves:
Ability to multitask and transition between different tasks (ex. reagent replenishment to assisting with instrument maintenance)
Experience with inventory management preferred
Works independently but is part of a team delivering key services to product development teams
Experience with the basic suite of office tools (ex. google calendars, excel)
Previous experience in a lab setting preferred
Mobility. This position will require movement between several labs in one building on campus each day
Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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