IT Support Engineer (19-00877) – CA – PAsadena

Provides support for computerized lab systems in both GMP and Non-GMP lab spaces. Engineers will utilize specialized IT skills with knowledge of safety practices within GMP and non-GMP compliance as well as IT Security policies. These engineers will offer the following under their responsibilities and support structure:


1.      Every technician is required to complete an in-person Lab Gowning and Good Documentation & Training Practices.

2.      Heavily involved with most (if not all) new and existing laboratory setup projects. The involvement consists of; site surveys, collaborating, recommending hardware that is best suitable for the environment, assisting with hardware procurement and delivery.

3.      Image and deploy internally purchased Laptops and Desktops for use within gmp or non-gmp lab space.

4.      Adding third-party vendor PC's to network by adding PC name to Active Directory, installing antivirus agent and print management client among other things

5.      Assisting with network connectivity issues by gathering required information to resolve connectivity issues within the lab including issues with internal network and Lab Computing Environment

6.      Full range of troubleshooting for internally purchased PC's which include replacing/adding hardware if needed as well as calling in RMA's for warranty repairs

7.      Provide onsite support for vendors when they are physically in the labs or when they are working with users remotely

8.      Collaborating across several lab support groups including ECQ, Lab Operations, Scientific Lab App and SIS-Support

9.      Limited range of troubleshooting third-party vendor PC hardware. Limited to PC warranty or Vendor guidelines. Any troubleshooting that falls outside of that range is transferred to Vendor for further troubleshooting with the offer to assist if needed

10.   Install/troubleshooting software on lab PC's. Troubleshooting is limited and is performed with the Vendor, ECQ or Lab Ops team member present.

11.   Setting up network/local printers inside of gmp and non-gmp lab spaces

12.   Attending meetings and consulting lab users and support personnel with projects, needs and explaining IT policies for within the lab environment


Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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