Computer Vision Engineer (710526) (19-00199) – CA – Santa Clara

Responsible for developing computer vision and machine learning solutions and for people monitoring (face detection, 3D pose estimation, object tracking, facial expression recognition, motion estimation, and activity recognition) and understanding of context (internal and external conditions, peoples activities, etc.) in video data
Using one or more cameras, create software and system that runs- in real time using multiple GPUs both in a simulated lab environment and in real-life application platforms
Developing and implementing software modules for a large software architecture
Developing simulation software in Oktal and SCANeR
PhD or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field
At least two-year experience in computer vision
Essential hands-on experience in developing projects involving deep learning models
Projects involving state-of-the-art models including ResNet, Yolo.v2, VGG, etc. object detectors
Projects using CNNs, LSTMs, etc.
Very strong implementation skills using TensorFlow Library (Keras, Caffe, Theano, PyTorch, MxNet, etc. is also acceptable).
Very strong implementation skills in C++, 3+ years of experience
Very strong implementation skills in OpenCV
Relevant publications at computer vision venues
Solid understanding and extensive experience with object detection and object recognition
Experience with supervised learning and classification algorithms
Well versed in the state-of-the-art in real time 2D and 3D data processing
Experience in technologies for autonomous vehicles and relevant technologies for human-machine interaction (HMI)
Experience in working with data from RGB cameras, IR cameras, depth cameras
Experience operating on large data sets (database experience a plus)
Experience with data collection, data labeling, feature design, training, cross-validation, feature down-selection, performance evaluations
Experience in code optimization and core reviewing
Strong attention to details
Highly motivated and able to work as a team player
Highly motivated, innovative and enthusiastic
Good oral and written communication, interpersonal skills and fluency in English
Ability to meet deadlines and commitments in a fast paced environment
Source: Job Diva – Job Listing

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